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Virtual Tasting Kit - The Extra Essentials
Taza Virtual Tasting Kit outer box

Virtual Tasting Kit - The Extra Essentials

Deepen your chocolate tasting skills from home with a Virtual Tasting Kit! The Extra Essentials is an extra-large version of our Virtual Tasting Kit, for those who want even more chocolate.

Our Kits are an all-inclusive experience that includes a box full of Taza Chocolate plus a log-in link for one device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) to a Virtual Chocolate Tasting via Zoom. 

At our Virtual Tasting, you’ll experience a guided tasting of our unique stone ground chocolate with our expert Factory Tour team! You'll learn about Taza’s history, the growth and harvesting of cacao, Direct Trade sourcing, and our bean to bar chocolate making process. We’ll share video of our grinding and depositing rooms, just as if you were at the factory. Along the way we’ll sample a full range of stone ground chocolate together so you can learn all about the differences that bean origin, cacao percent, and flavor notes make in your chocolate experience! 

We host our virtual tastings twice a week. Upon arrival, your Kit will include scheduling instructions for our Virtual Tasting Experience.

The Extra Essentials Kit contains all the flavors covered at our Virtual Tastings, plus 7 additional flavors of discs and bars for you to enjoy! Sometimes you just want extra chocolate.

We can't wait to see you at a Virtual Tasting! 

Please note that certain items in our Tasting Kit are not otherwise available for retail sale. FAQ's.

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The Extra Essentials Tasting Kit Contains: 6 x 2.5oz Amaze Bars, one each of Raspberry CrunchToffee Almond & Sea SaltCoconutSea Salt & Almond, 95% Wicked Dark, and 70% Deliciously Dark, 8 x 2.7oz Chocolate Discs, one each of CinnamonSalted AlmondVanillaGuajillo, Sea Salt, Cacao Puro, Super Dark, and Coffee, 1 x Almond Milk Chocolate Classic, 3 x 0.5oz samples of cacao nibs, 1 oz sample of Bulk Chocolate 70% Couverture and 100% Baking Chocolate


This product is certified USDA Organic, Direct Trade Certified, Non-GMO, Certified Gluten Free, and Kosher. It is also dairy free, soy free, and vegan.

  • USDA Organic Poduct Certification
  • Direct Trade Product Certification
  • Non-GMO Product Certification
  • Gluten Free Product Certification
  • Dairy Free Product Certification

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