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A Chocolate Covered Summer Solstice

Summer is officially here (finally), with the Summer Solstice bringing the longest day of the year. In our hometown of Somerville, MA we’ll have over 15 hours of daylight, which we naturally see as an excuse for finding more ways to eat chocolate all through the day. Here’s the plan of attack, custom made for the chocoholic in your life:

5:07AM: Sunrise

The Quick And Gritty Mocha

Quick and Gritty Mocha Recipe using Vanilla Chocolate | Taza Chocolate

The Summer Solstice starts early - earlier than many of us do.  With a 5:07AM sunrise, you’re going to need some caffeine to get you up and ready for the day.  Why not add a little bit of chocolate for an extra pick me up? Try this Mocha recipe - we recommend our Vanilla Chocolate Mexicano disc for a nice smooth flavor, or our Cinnamon Chocolate Mexicano disc if you’re looking for a little kick.

7:00 AM : Breakfast

Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Waffles

Taza Chocolate Coconut Waffles (Nom Pum) Recipe

Now that you’re awake, it’s time to eat!  Start your day off with these Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Waffles.  They’re the perfect fuel for a summer day - light and fluffy with a touch of sweet, courtesy of our Coconut Amaze Bar.

10:00 AM: Mid Morning Snack

The Chocolate Berry Smoothie

When that mid-morning hunger hits, we’re looking to our Chocolate Berry Smoothie for a refreshing snack that combines antioxident-rich berries with our dark, decadent chocolate!

Noon: Lunch Time

Taza Chili Mac & Cheese

We’re treating ourselves for lunch today with our fresh take on Mac & Cheese. Our Taza Chili Mac & Cheese is the perfect combination of cheesy goodness and spice, perfect for lunch time!

1:00 PM: Post-Lunch Dessert

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

Taza Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

What’s lunch without a little dessert? Our dark chocolate peanut butter cups are the perfect post-lunch treat.

2:00 PM: Post-Post-Lunch Dessert

Dairy Free Coconut Chocolate Fudge

Dairy-Free Coconut Chocolate Fudge

And what’s a post-lunch dessert without a post-post-lunch dessert? Yes, our name is Taza Chocolate and we have a Chocolate problem. But who can blame us with this Dairy Free Coconut Chocolate Fudge laying around?

3:30 PM: The Afternoon Pick Me Up

Chocolate Chai Iced Tea

It’s 3:30pm and you’ve been up since 5:07am, so you’re in desperate need of a pick me up. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - our Chocolate Chai Iced Tea is the perfect combination of sweet with earthy notes that will help power you through the day.

6:00 PM: Dinner Time

Guajillo Roasted Chicken Wings

Guajillo Roasted Chicken Wings

Wondering how we’re going to justify chocolate for dinner?  Our answer: Guajillo Roasted Chicken wings, dipped in a Taza Guajillo sauce and served with a fresh summer salad to balance out the heat.  Enough said.

8:00 PM: Dessert

No- Bake Double Chocolate Cherry Tart

No-Bake Double Chocolate Cherry Tart

You might be feeling the heat after our last recipe, so we figured we'd spare you from having to use the oven for our next recipe.  Our No-Bake Double Chocolate Cherry Tart is the perfect summer dessert, pairing fresh cherries with our organic dark chocolate.

9:00 PM: Dark Chocolate After Dark

S'mores, Freestyle

Picture of Smores

Daylight is done, but you’re still looking for s’more chocolate? <--(Sorry, we had to) Well, we’ve got you covered after dark, too.  S'mores are the perfect summer treat - you can't go wrong with the old fashioned chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker, but feel free to get creative. Try using our Toasted Coconut Dark Bark for a little extra flavor on your late night treat.

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