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Paleo Chocolate


Taza's stone ground, organic dark chocolate is a Paleo-friendly treat. Every bit of chocolate we make is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, Certified Organic and Non GMO Project Verified. Our chocolate is minimally processed using hand-carved granite millstones, to capture all the bold flavor and texture of our pure, clean ingredients.

Looking for super dark chocolate? We make 7 bars that are 80% cacao or higher! Our stone ground process preserves the bright fruity notes of cocoa beans, meaning our high percent bars are full of bold chocolate flavor, not bitterness.

Taza Chocolate Paleo Favorites:

 95% Wicked Dark Amaze Bar  95% Wicked Dark with Toasted Coconut95% Wicked Dark with Ginger . 95% Wicked Dark with Toasted Quinoa


From Juli Bauer,

I’m obsessed with this stuff. Thank god it’s out of my price range or I would buy it all the time. It’s HANDS DOWN my favorite kind of chocolate. No seriously, I dream about this stuff. It kind of tastes like it has coffee grounds in it, which I dig. I like coffee that stays in my teeth for later. Don’t act like I’m gross. You know that sounds wonderful.

From Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites, posts on Instagram:

"Guys, @tazachocolate is the real deal. If you want a junk-free, high quality organic & fair trade chocolate, check them out. Love them! They also have a newish bar that's called Wicked Dark and is a 95% and is legit." 

From Paleo Magazine review: 

"The minimal processing and limited ingredients allow the bold flavor and texture of the chocolate to shine with its characteristic “true grit.” To the uncultured palate, raised on waxy, sickly sweet drugstore candy, the idea of stone-ground chocolate may be unsettling. Yes, it’s actually made with stones. Yes, it’s granular and nubby and tactile. And yes, it’s way better than anything else you’ve ever tried."



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