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Tazathon: The Request for Bold

What It Is

We’re Taza Chocolate, a small company located in Somerville, MA, that started out thirteen years ago making bold choices to bring our bold ideas to life. Today we are launching an RFB (request for Bold) because we have big, bold plans: to grow our business by more than double in the next 3 years. To help us achieve this, we need bold creative and communications ideas.

Thirteen years ago, we made an unconventional choice to stone grind the highest quality cacao beans. Stone grinding is an unprocessed process that brings out the innately intense flavor of cacao, and lets Bold shine through. Every piece, every bite is a statement. The flavor: surprising, real, true and bold.

We’ve continued to be bold in how we do business. We created the chocolate industry’s first third-party certified Direct Trade cacao sourcing program, to ensure quality and transparency for all. We have real, face-to-face relationships with growers who respect the environment and fair labor practices. They provide us with the best organic cacao, and we pay them prices significantly higher than Fair Trade. In fact, you can see exactly what we pay them, in our groundbreaking Annual Cacao Sourcing Transparency Reports. 

Here’s our situation: we have seriously good and bold Taza Chocolate. We have distribution in some of the best retailers in the world. We have Taza superfans. We just need to introduce Taza to more of them.  That’s where you come in.

What We’re Looking For

Since we’re a small brand fighting in a heavily competitive category against a lot of big chocolate companies, we need every dollar focused on our goal to grow.  We’re seeking creative ideas and work that will break through and get people to seek out Taza.  We want creative freelance teams who think Bold.  We’re not talking bold for bold’s sake – but smart, make-every-dollar-work-harder bold.  We made the bold decision to look for freelance teams because we know there’s some seriously good talent out there. We are simply too small to pay the overhead of agencies, and we’re looking to avoid being a small fish in a big agency pond. We’re looking for teammates. Great, fun, smart, and of course, bold partners who are interested in helping a small, bold brand grow.

The full RFB can be found here.

Up For The Challenge?

If you think you have what it takes, fill out the form included in the RFB and return it to by 6/19. We’ll review the submissions and notify selected teams on 6/22.


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