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2019 Partner Report

El Majagual
Dominican Republic

El Majagual Partner Report

A view overlooking El Majagual farm perched atop the Dominican Republic's northern Espaillat Province

Good Year For:

Dodging Storms

Being located along the Dominican Republic's northern coast, El Majagual is often hit hard during hurricane season; this year, the farm went unscathed.

Productive Trees

Despite a drought that reduced yield, Ramon still managed to export almost as much cacao as his previous high. 

Tough Year For:

Enough Rain

Drought impacted farms throughout the Puerto Plata province, stressing the cacao trees which bore fewer and smaller cacao beans.


El Majagual cacao supply chain


*Price based on FOB terms and equal to the negotiated fixed price or to the negotiated premium plus the world market price on the day the contract is closed

**Price the individual farmer receives for their cacao prior to its export. Taza's 2016 Transparency Report, "Let's Talk Price" provides an in-depth exploration of the topic

*** Wages are paid in local currency and are translated into USD, but are not adjusted for purchasing power or a country's cost of living. Where a range is given, wages vary based on type of work and skill and experience level. In all cases, our Partners pay employees at or above their country's minimum wage

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